Recent Talks: Honda Research Institute, Tokyo; ESSV 2013

Earlier this month, I visited my good colleagues Mikio Nakano and Kotaro Funakoshi at Honda Research Institute Tokyo. I got some very interesting demos of the stuff they are working on at the moment, and I also gave a talk to the group there about our recent work (basically, the 2013 version of my “incremental dialogue processing” talk). Earlier this week now, I gave a shorter version here in Bielefeld at the “Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung” conference (German signal processing conference). Without the animations and videos the slides look a lot less interesting (really, believe me, they are great when things are flying around!), but I’ll still put them here as they give a nice overview of the current state of our work.

The slides briefly mention at the end our (multimodal interaction analysis tools), our toolset for running and analysing multimodal experiments (and integrating multimodal data streams into interactive systems). I will write about this in more detail soon; we’re also preparing a static page on that.


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