Accepted Papers: SemDial 2014

We have 4 new accepted short papers for the SemDial 2014 conference, which will be in Edinburgh:

Title: Towards Automatic Understanding of `Virtual Pointing’ in Interaction
Authors: Ting Han, Spyros Kousidis, David Schlangen

Title: Multimodal Incremental Dialogue with InproTKs
Authors: Casey Kennington, Spyros Kousidis, David Schlangen
Abstract: We present extensions of the incremental processing toolkit InproTK which make it possible to plug in sensors and to achieve situated, real-time, multimodal dialogue. We also describe a new module which enables the use in InproTK of the Google Web Speech API, which offers speech recognition with a very large vocabulary and a wide choice of languages. We illustrate the use of these extensions with a description of two systems handling different situated settings.

Title: Dialogue Structure of Coaching Sessions
Authors: Iwan de Kok, Julian Hough, Cornelia Frank, David Schlangen and Stefan Kopp
Abstract: We report initial findings of the ICSPACE (`Intelligent Coaching Space’) project on virtual coaching. We describe the gathering of a corpus of dyadic squat coaching interactions and initial high-level models of the structure of these sessions

Title: The Disfluency, Exclamation and Laughter in Dialogue (DUEL) Project
Authors: Jonathan Ginzburg, David Schlangen, Ye Tian and Julian Hough

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