Accepted Papers: RefNet Workshop

We have 3 recently accepted papers to the RefNet workshop which will take place in Edinburgh.

Title: A Corpus of Virtual Pointing Gestures
Authors: Ting Han, Spyros Kousidis, David Schlangen

Title: Comparing Listener Gaze with Predictions of an Incremental Reference Resolution Model
Authors: Casey Kennington, Spyros Kousidis, David Schlangen
In situated dialogue, listeners resolve referring expressions incrementally (on-line) and their gaze often attends to objects in the context as those objects are being described. In this work, we have looked at how listener gaze compares to a statistical reference resolution model that works incrementally. We found that listeners gaze at referred objects even before a referring expression begins, suggesting that salience and prior information is important in reference resolution models.

Title: Lattice Theoretic Relevance in Incremental Reference Processing

Authors: Julian Hough and Matthew Purver

Abstract: We build on Hough and Purver (2014)’s integration of Knuth (2005)’s lattice theoretic characterization of probabilistic inference to model incremental interpretation of repaired instructions in a small reference domain.

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