Accepted Paper: NAACL 2015

We have a recently accepted paper to the upcoming NAACL 2015 conference which will be held in Denver, CO, U.S.A.

Title:  Incrementally Tracking Reference in Human/Human Dialogue Using Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Information

Authors: Casey Kennington, Ryu Iida, Takenobu Tokunaga, David Schlangen

A large part of human communication involves referring to entities in the world, and often these entities are objects that are visually present for the interlocutors. A system that aims to resolve such references needs to tackle a complex task: objects and their visual features need to be determined, the referring expressions must be recognised, and extra-linguistic information such as eye gaze or pointing gestures need to be incorporated. Systems that can make use of such information sources exist, but have so far only been tested under very constrained settings, such as WOz interactions. In this paper, we apply to a more complex domain a reference resolution model that works incrementally (i.e., word for word), grounds words with visually present properties of objects (such as shape and size), and can incorporate extra-linguistic information. We find that the model works well compared to previous work on the same data, despite using fewer features. We conclude that the model shows potential for use in a real-time interactive dialogue system.