Accepted Paper: CoLing 2014

We have a recently accepted paper at the CoLing 2014 conference which will take place in Dublin, Ireland.
Title: Situated Incremental Natural Language Understanding using a Multimodal, Linguistically-driven Update Model

Authors: Casey Kennington, Spyros Kousidis, David Schlangen

A common site of language use is interactive dialogue between two people
situated together in shared time and space. In this paper, we present a
statistical model for understanding natural human language that works
incrementally (i.e., does not wait until the end of an utterance to begin
processing), and is grounded by linking semantic entities with objects in a
shared space. We describe our model, show how a semantic meaning representation
is grounded with properties of real-world objects, and further show that it can
ground with embodied, interactive cues such as pointing gestures or eye gaze.

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