Accepted Paper: ACL 2015

We have a paper that has been accepted to the ACL conference which will take place in Beijing, China this year.

Title: Simple Learning and Compositional Application of Perceptually Grounded Word Meanings for Incremental Reference Resolution

Authors:  Casey Kennington & David Schlangen

An elementary way of using language is to refer to objects. Often, these objects are physically present in the shared environment and reference is done via mention of perceivable properties of the objects. This is a type of language use that is modelled well neither by logical semantics nor by distributional semantics, the former focusing on inferential relations between expressed propositions, the latter on similarity relations between words or phrases. We present an account of word and phrase meaning that is perceptually grounded, trainable, compositional, and `dialogue-plausible’ in that it computes meanings word-by-word. We show that the approach performs well (with an accuracy of 65\% on a 1-out-of-32 reference resolution task) on direct descriptions and target/landmark descriptions, even when trained with less than 800 training examples and automatically transcribed utterances.

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