Interspeech 2013 Tutorial on Incremental Processing

Timo Baumann and I will be giving a tutorial on “recent advances in incremental spoken language processing” at this year’s interspeech in Lyon. We’ll create a separate page for that later, but for now, here’s the short description:

Incremental processing — that is, the processing of user input while it is still ongoing, and the preparation of possibly concurrent system reactions — is about to make the move from a research challenge to being deployed and beneficial for users (e.g. in Google Voice Search). Beyond speeding up the presentation of results of voice search, it offers the potential for creating spoken dialogue systems with a much more natural behaviour, with respect to turn-taking or production and understanding of feedback utterances.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the challenges posed by incremental spoken language processing, present the state of the art in incremental processing, and in particular will describe and demonstrate a framework for incremental processing that we have implemented over the last years which offers an architecture for creating systems by connecting modules, and contains reference implementations of the full chain of modules: ASR, NLU, Dialogue Management, Action Selection, Natural Language Generation, Speech Synthesis.

The tutorial is targeted at researchers interested in incremental processing in general, and in particular at researchers who are interested in “incrementalizing” individual processing modules (such as natural language understanding, dialogue managements, natural language generation, etc.) and want to be able to quickly realise end-to-end systems within which to test their modules.

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