Several DSG Members are off to Gothenburg for the SemDial 2015 conference

Several long papers have been accepted:

Hough, Juliande Kok, IwanSchlangen, DavidKopp, Stefan. Timing and Grounding in Motor Skill Coaching Interaction: Consequences for the Information State

Han, Ting ; Kennington, CaseySchlangen, DavidBuilding and Applying Perceptually-Grounded Representations of Multimodal Scene Descriptions

As well as some demo papers:

Kennington, Casey ; Lopez Gambino, Maria Soledad ; Schlangen, DavidReal-world Reference Game using the Words-as-Classifiers Model of Reference Resolution

de Kok, Iwan;  Hough, Julian; Hülsmann, Felix; Waltema, Thomas; Botsch, Mario; Schlangen, David; and Kopp, Stefan. Demonstrating the Dialogue System of the Intelligent Coaching Space